Dr Alex Best - Infectious Disease Dynamics Group

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October - Paper success! Lyida Wren's undergraduate project has been accepted for publication in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology!

October - Paper success! Prerna's first PhD publication has been accepted at the Journal of Evolutionary Biology!

September - A warm welcome to new PhD students Ryan Grossman and Charly Pain.

June - Alex has taken up his position as a Fulbright-Lloyds Visiting Scholar in Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. He will be working on evolutionary models with Prof Mike Boots and his research group, as well as speaking to colleagues about equality, diversity and inclusion. He will be there until September.

June - Paper success! Our whole-group study on epidemic spread in a university population has been accepted for publication in Roy. Soc. Open Science!

May - Paper success! Charlotte Ward's first paper from her PhD has been accepted for publication in Ecological Complexity!

January - Viva success! Congratulations to Charlotte Ward on her passing her viva with minor corrections!